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There’s more than one way to make a positive impact.

August 25 – Sometimes we think of workforce management in a very narrow sense. If you forecast accurately, staff efficiently, and track/report on historical data, your job is done. Yet there are so many other ways you can make a positive impact on your contact center’s performance! What are the drivers of your workload? There could be opportunities to reduce …

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Create a Workforce Handbook.

November 11 –   Most companies have an employee handbook.  This includes most everything that HR would want to ensure an employee knew going into their new job.  It also allows employees to know what to expect on all HR facing matters while providing management with a roadmap to processes.  Have you ever been asked about shift bids, scorecards, adherence, …

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Use an Early Release program to benefit both agent and company.

November 4 – Our company has a daily program available to the Reservation Sales Reps and Customer Care Agents called Early Release (ER). If an agent would like to leave work early without being penalized, they can sign up online via the electronic ER sheet upon arriving to work with their phone login, shift start and end time, and the …

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