Educational Offerings

SWPP members receive one free e-learning course from The Call Center School as a benefit of membership.

Choose from any of the self-paced e-learning programs below:

Workforce Management Curriculum:

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Getting Off to the Right Start
  • Forecasting Fundamentals: Proven Practices for Predicting Call Workload
  • Calculating Call Center Staff: The Math of Call Center Staffing Tradeoffs
  • Scheduling Principles and Problems:  Solutions to Scheduling Challenges
  • Managing Daily Service: An Intra-Day Guide to Managing Staff and Service
  • Attendance and Adherence: Getting and Keeping Bodies in Seats
  • Advanced Forecasting Techniques: Fine-Tuning Workload Predictions
  • Skill-Based Routing Design: Balancing Customer, Agent, and Center Demands
  • Communications for WFM Professionals: Interacting Effectively within the Contact Center

For more information on these courses, please visit The Call Center School’s website at  SWPP members can contact Executive Director Vicki Herrell at for a discount code when you are ready to take your free course.