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  • Project planning schedule bids.   

    July 17 – 

    How do you best prepare to conduct shift bids within your organization?  Here are few steps we have successfully implemented in a phased bid approach within our organization.

    We begin by identifying bid assumptions and parameters that are proposed to all key stakeholders in order to set clear expectations and establish bid agreements.  A few bid assumptions and parameters we take into consideration are:

    • Method in which schedules will be awarded, i.e., Seniority or Performance Rank (ours is Performance Rank)
    • Staff Group(s) and/or Team Member exclusions, if any, i.e., Leaves, Part-Time, etc. (the excluded team member’s current schedule becomes part of our ‘base’ when building bid schedules)
    • Schedule Types, i.e., 5×8, 4×10, Work at Home, Split Shifts
    • Hours of Operation (we have multiple sites across multiple time zones)

    We then proceed with an outlined Shift Bid Timeline following a three (3) phased approach.  The three phases we follow are:

    Pre-Bid Phase

    • Bid Assumptions review with WFM and Operations
    • Bid Exclusions processed and reviewed by Operations/Human Resources
    • Schedule creation begins
    • Operations provides team member rankings to WFM
    • Bid Schedules and rankings are posted for team member viewing

     Schedule Bidding Phase

    • Scheduling bidding begins and is processed by WFM
    • Operations reviews and signs off on bid results
    • Bid Results are posted for team member viewing (our team members typically receive 30-days advance notice of new schedules prior to the go live date)
    • Operations/Human Resources sends schedule adjustments to WFM

     Post-Bid Phase

    • Operations provides WFM with team organization reporting alignment
    • WFM/Operations/Human Resources key stakeholders meet to review schedule adjustment recommendations
    • New bid schedules go live

    Since our organization has implemented the phased approach outlined above, we have noticed everyone more in sync from start to finish throughout our shift bid process.  Everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it…no surprises!


    Note:  This week’s tip is provided by SWPP Board Member Kirwyn Adderley of Walgreens. He may be reached at kirwyn.adderley@walgreens.com.     

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