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  • Centralize the non-core “stuff.”

    November 13 – 

    Does this sound familiar?  You are responsible for Forecasting, Scheduling and Real-Time Management, but because your team is around after hours, you also hand out spare headsets when agents have a broken one, and sometimes you hand out paychecks after HR goes home.

    As a Workforce Planning professional and as a Consultant, I have seen any number of examples of WFM teams that have been asked to take on additional “administrative” responsibilities over and above their core WFM role.  Yes, the list includes replacing broken headsets – a task that evolved into full responsibility for headset procurement and repair – and after hours paycheck distribution, but some of the more interesting examples I’ve observed include cleaning employee lockers when one is vacated, accepting food deliveries (because the WFM team was located by the employee entrance), unlocking the door for the UPS, FEDEX and USPS guys (because the WFM team was located by the delivery entrance), and transcribing phone messages to a central telephone number for agents.

    WFM teams are often charged with these extra tasks that have nothing to do with the core functions of Forecasting, Scheduling and Real-Time Management, because WFM is the only staff function that regularly works extended hours.  And while there is certainly nothing wrong with WFM helping out (these task have to be performed somewhere), these administrative tasks end up being performed by overqualified employees in a manner that is not trackable.

    The best method for handling these tasks is one I observed at a large, multi-site catalog operation.  They grouped all of their non-core Admin tasks together at a centralized Employee Services desk located at the employee entrance at each center.  At each of those desks, a delivery service could leave a package, a restaurant could leave a meal for an agent, an agent could pick up a copy of his/her work schedule, spare headsets were distributed, along with paychecks (at all hours).  This desk also stocked every HR form an employee might need, along with the sign-up sheet for excused time and who-was- bringing-what to the company picnic.

    This Employee Services Desk was staffed whenever the center was open, allowed the staff support functions (like WFM) to focus on their core work, and also allowed the company to track the costs and benefits of all of those admin tasks.

    Note:  This week’s tip was provided by SWPP Board Member, Michele Borboa, CWPP.   She can be reached at mborboa@contactcenter-resources.com.

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