Workforce Management Expert Solutions:
Best Practices from SWPP’s Workforce Wizard Series
Second Edition

Wizard Cover

Don’t miss the second edition of this great book, which is a compilation of the knowledge of SWPP, the world’s largest membership association for workforce management professionals in the call center. In each SWPP newsletter, there is a column titled Ask the Workforce Wizard. All of the questions in the column come from workforce management professionals, each of them struggling to do the same thing: get the exact right number of “bodies in chairs” for each period of the day. All of the answers come from other workforce management professionals and a few consultants and experts in the field who are kind enough to share their experiences with their colleagues.

The second edition of this book includes even more great workforce management information! You will find many different topics covered in this book that you likely face in your day-to-day struggles with call center staffing, including information on the following:

• Forecasting
• Scheduling
• Managing by the Numbers
• Workforce Management Team Organization
• Workforce Management Automation

This book is one of the many tools provided by SWPP to support workforce planning professionals around the world.


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